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PCB Software Gets A Boost

One firm local to AOC's Atlanta venue, software specialist Intercept Technology, announced a major new library management software release, Indx v4.1. With a completely redesigned user interface for significantly improved performance, the new Indx is geared for dramatic productivity increases across the entire design team user flow. The new user interface provides a real-time status display, spreadsheet views for batch editing on the fly, and complete history tracking.

According to Abby Monaco, Product Manager at Intercept, "The new Indx uses a solid library management infrastructure and spins it into a simple, easy to use workflow that complements the Intercept design environment. I believe the industry lacks a single exemplary library management model, and we aim to make Indx that industry leader." Intercept's PCB, RF, Hybrid and High-Speed design products are available for purchase with Pantheon, Intercept's PCB/Hybrid/RF layout design application, and Mozaix, Intercept's schematic design application. All Intercept products are available to customers on Linux and Windows platforms.

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