Module Serves WSN Applications

Wireless device supplier RF Monolithics has once again teamed with Dust Networks to expand its portfolio of wireless sensor network (WSN) products, this one is the XDM2510M WirelessHART-compliant RF module. It is built on Dust Networks' IA-510(H) WirelessHART system and compliant to the international IEC 62591 (WirelessHART) standard for WSN applications. The standard applies to process automation applications using battery-powered sensors. According to RFM's Tim Cutler, Director of M2M products, "RFM is pleased to be offering Dust Networks' leading WirelessHART technology in module form allowing field device manufacturers of all sizes to add WirelessHART capability to their products, quickly, simply, and economically. RFM believes the WirelessHART standard can truly offer high reliability, battery-operated, wireless connectivity in the difficult industrial environments where it will be deployed." Brenda Glaze, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Dust Networks, says "RFM has an excellent track record of integrating Dust Networks' technology into pre-certified modules. Their module technology platform makes it easy for design engineers to integrate WirelessHART into end-products, and further expands the worldwide availability of WirelessHART solutions."

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