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Meter Reads Power To 6 GHz

Agilent Technologies has announced its first handheld power meter, the Agilent V3500A Handheld RF Power Meter, after a long history of benchtop instruments. The meter, which includes a built-in display and integrated power sensor, has a frequency range of 10 MHz to 6 GHz and a power measurement range of -63 to +20 dBm. It boasts absolute measurement accuracy of 0.21 dB. It is suitable for installation, maintenance, and even research and development applications.

According to Ee Huei Sin, Vice President and General Manager of Agilent's Basic Instruments Division, "With the increasing need for power measurements in various industries, the expansion of our power meter and power sensor line brings greater convenience to a broader range of electronic, electrical and industrial applications. This introduction is further evidence of our ongoing commitment to bring Agilent-quality measurements to cost-conscious engineers, technicians and educators." The meter can be powered by batteries, an AC/DC converter module, or a USB connection, and can use the USB port for remote programming. It includes several software utilities to simplify measurements.

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