Making A List And Checking It

The next issue of Microwaves & RF may evoke some debate since it will, in some ways, be a book of lists.

Lists have intrigued readers since childhood. Most of us can remember lists made during a holiday season, or a list of New Year's resolutions (often ignored). Most high-frequency specifiers, for example, refer to the "short list" of favored suppliers versus the "long list" of all those companies that were potential vendors for a particular product. Every list is a statement of opinion and, depending upon the area of interest, usually a subject for debate.

The next issue of Microwaves & RF may evoke some debate since it will, in some ways, be a "book of lists." For one thing, that issue will feature the long-running Top Products of the Year, a list of some of the most technically innovative and ingenuous high-frequency hardware, software, and test products released during 2004. Thanks to our Managing Editor, John Curley, it will also include our index of major editorial features for 2004, a quick reference for researchers.

Finally, in the next issue the list for the first annual Top 25 Microwave Websites will debut. Based on extensive visits by the editors, this list will size up industry websites based on their speed and ease of use, organization, search functions, and content (including the additional "goodies" that engineers crave, such as downloadable software and application notes). Explanations will be provided for why each site is on the list, along with its strong and weak points.

In the meantime, here is another list to consider. The 2005 Microwaves & RF Editorial Calendar issue themes below help readers to remember when a particular topic of interest is coming during the year.

January Semiconductors & ICs
February Test & Measurement
March Communications Technology
April Wireless & Optical
May MTT-S Preview/Radar & Antennas
June Electronic Defense
July Emerging Technologies
August Amplifiers & Oscillators
September Military Electronics
October Passive Components
November Computer-Aided Engineering
December Communications/Technology Trends

Our editors have already reviewed hundreds of microwave websites. But if you want to be sure that we check your website, drop us a line at [email protected]

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