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Low Observable Antenna Scales 136 To 915 MHz

The Low Observable Antenna from Spectrum Advanced Specialty Products has a scalable frequency range of 136 to 915 MHz. It is available in sizes ranging from a diameter of 2.5 in. at 915 MHz to 11 in. at 150 MHz. The antenna features a 3-dB beamwidth horizon to 55-deg. elevation with less than 3-dB azimuth variation. It shares the performance characteristics of a 5/8-in. whip antenna and is perfect for applications that require a discreet antenna. The linear antenna achieves a peak gain of -3 dBil, while its rugged construction makes it suitable for extreme environments. It is ground-plane independent and suitable for applications such as VHF and UHF voice data and VHF/UHF LEO satellite systems, unmanned aerial and ground vehicles, police, fire and municipal systems, and first responders.

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