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Low-Cost Gaskets Add Generous Shielding

The EMI Gemini line of multi-extrusion shielding gaskets from Laird Technologies has been developed for wireless and other systems requiring high levels of electromagnetic-interference (EMI) shielding at low cost. The shields feature a thin, electrically conductive filler elastomer gasket layer and an inner, non-conductive silicone coated core gasket. The conductive material portion of the gasket, usually loaded with silver, aluminum, nickel, or copper, is greatly reduced due to the substitution of the silicone core also resulting in reduced cost. According to Scott Stephan, Laird Technologies EMI Product Director, "the EMI Gemini multi-extrusion elastomer gasket raises the bar on the industry standard for EMI shielding. It is a more cost-effective solution because it uses fewer precious metals while optimizing performance." The EMI Gemini product line is ideal for military, medical, and commercial applications.

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