Laminates, Prepregs Form Multilayer Circuits

A pair of companion products, the RO4360 laminates and RO4460 prepreg materials from Rogers Corporation, will be on display at the upcoming Electronics Midwest 2010 exhibition. The RO4360 thermoset laminate and RO4460 thermoset prepreg system offer the lowest total cost solution for fabricators of high-frequency, multilayer circuits seeking to reduce circuit board size. The high dielectric constant of 6.15 for both materials allows designers to create circuits with dimensions that are as much as 30-percent smaller than lower dielectric constant materials. Rogers RO4360 laminate features a low dielectric loss of 0.003 at 2.5 GHz, a high thermal conductivity of 0.8 W/m-k, and is compatible with hybrid designs.

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