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BEDFORD, OHWesgo Metals, a business of Morgan Technical Ceramics (MTC), has earned its ISO-14001 certifications. An international quality-management standard, ISO-14001 certification encourages businesses to implement, maintain, and improve environmental management systems (EMSs). By manufacturing its products at its Hayward, CA facilities, Wesgo Metals maintains high-quality standards and ensures the exclusion of contaminants like lead, cadmium, zinc, fluxes, and other corrosive chemicals. As part of the certification, Wesgo Metals will identify and control the environmental impact of its manufacturing processes and end products. It also will continually improve its environmental performance while implementing a systematic approach to setting and achieving its objectives and goals.

WARREN, NJANADIGICS, Inc. is delivering HELP2 power amplifiers (PAs) to LG Electronics for its new third-generation (3G) Vu mobile device, which is available through AT&T. The LG Vu is one of the first touchscreen devices to support AT&T Mobile TV. It will allow users to view live, streaming TV shows on a 3-in. display. The Vu's ultra-slim design offers a 2.0-megapixel camera with zoom, music player, messaging, mobile e-mail, and web-browsing abilities. This 3G handset reportedly delivers longer talk time by leveraging the powersaving features of ANADIGICS' HELP2 technology.

CAMPBELL, CAExalt Communications has announced that Sparkplug has chosen it to supply microwave radio systems. Those radio systems will support the high-speed backhaul requirements of Sparkplug's carrier-grade broadband-wireless- access (BWA) network. Sparkplug offers business-class broadband services across eight states including Illinois, Arizona, Iowa, Tennessee, Nevada, Colorado, California, and New Mexico. The company has deployed an advanced fixed-wireless-access network. Among other technologies, it leverages carrier-class microwave backhaul systems from Exalt. By using Exalt's microwave solution, Sparkplug claims that it can deliver fast, reliable, and secure business broadband, high-speed business Internet, and transport services that are affordable and easy to install. For enterprise, carrier, government, and education customers, Sparkplug claims that its services offer dedicated and symmetrical bandwidth up to 1 Gb/s at a lower cost when compared to wireline solutions.

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