DURHAM, NC—For contributions in the field of integrated-circuit (IC) technology, Dr. Isik C. Kizilyalli, director of technology at Nitronex, has been selected as a 2007 Fellow by the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE). At Nitronex, a developer and manufacturer of GaN RF power transistors for the commercial and broadband wireless-infrastructure market, Dr. Kizilyalli manages the process and device technology development department.

The Fellows Program was established to recognize and honor outstanding members for their significant accomplishments in the advancement or application of engineering, science, and technology, and for their contributions to the mission of the IEEE: to advance global prosperity by fostering technological innovation, enabling members' careers, and promoting community worldwide.

MELVILLE, NY—Ultraflex International, Inc. has announced the receipt of the "Innovative Enterprise Award" from the ARC Fund, in cooperation with the Center for the Study of Democracy. Ultraflex, a Ronkonkoma, NY-based engineering, design, and contract manufacturing firm, was named winner in the Small to Medium Enterprise category at the 3rd National Innovation Forum, which was held in December in Sofia, Bulgaria.

WALLINGFORD, CT—Times Microwave Systems announces the availability of MSHA (Mining, Safety, and Health Administration)-approved RF cables. The LMR-FR series of cables will now be marked with an additional MSHA qualification reference number, and can now be used in mining applications where MSHA approvals are required.

The LMR-FR series will now have the MSHA approval number added to the existing print legend. The MSHA reference number will be "P-07-KA070010-MSHA," and in addition to receiving the MSHA approval, Times also received the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection "P" approval marking. This "P" marking is a requirement for any cables that will be installed in mines in the state of Pennsylvania.

LMR cables are low-loss, flexible, non-kinking RF transmission-line cables that utilize easy-to-install connectors and are suitable for use as antenna feeders, system jumpers, and interconnects.

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