MOSCOW, IDComtech AHA Corp., a wholly owned subsidiary of Comtech Telecommunications Corp., has surpassed the 20-year milestone as a provider of integrated circuits (ICs) and intellectual-property (IP) cores that implement forward-error-correction (FEC) technologies. The company was originally founded as Advanced Hardware Architectures (AHA) in 1988 based on error-correction technology developed by researchers at the University of Idaho for NASA. The founding technology of AHA was Reed-Solomon error correction. Today, AHA offers a family of legacy IC products supporting Reed-Solomon error correction as well as products supporting advanced error-correction technologies including Turbo Product Coding (TPC) and Low Density Parity Check Codes (LDPC).

Most recently, AHA introduced an LDPC error-correction IP core for satellite-communications systems that is compliant with the new DVB-S2 communications standard. AHA was acquired by Comtech Telecommunications Corp. in 2002 because of its FEC technology and renamed Comtech AHA Corp.

WALTHAM, MARaytheon Co. has been honored as a 2007 Best-Practice Partner by American Productivity and Quality Center (APQC) for its exceptional work and innovative approaches in leadership development. It was one of only five companies selected to receive this award. APQC is a nonprofit organization that identifies corporate best practices to discover effective methods of improvement. This information enables companies to adapt to rapidly changing environments, build new and better ways to work, and succeed in a competitive marketplace.

Raytheon was specifically recognized for its efforts in identifying, assessing, and developing high-potential employees. Its innovative programs span all levels of the organization from entry-level candidates to the executive team. According to Ruth Stevelman, project manager at APQC, "Our mission is to help organizations learn from best-practice partners like Raytheon that have proven track records in leadership development." As part of the award, Raytheon hosted about 20 industry leaders and best-practice partner recipients to share its winning strategies, programs, and processes for high-potential employees.

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