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Identify PIM At Cell Sites

New cell sites are being erected everywhere, it seems, as wireless carriers scramble to provide the most competitive wireless coverage and services possible. And each time a new cellular tower goes up, it has to be tested. Even after it is operation, performance can change with time, and it still must be tested periodically. Fortunately, test-equipment supplier now offer complete radio testers in a handheld box, such as the one developed by Anritsu and reported on in the January issue of Microwaves & RF.

This handy tester is capable of measuring passive intermodulation distortion (PIM) and antennas and other components in a cell site to evaluate sources of performance degradation at the site. The company's model MW8219A PIM Master operates in the 1900- and 2100-MHz Personal Communications Services (PCS) and Advanced Wireless Services (AWS) bands, and works with one of the company's analyzer products to read and isolate higher-order intermodulation products. For more details, click here.

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