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IC Aids Portable Wireless Applications

Model SE2601T is a combination RF single-pole, three-throw (SP3T) switch and low-noise-amplifier (LNA) front-end IC from SiGe Semiconductor designed to enhance the performance and functionality of converged Bluetooth/Wi-Fi chipsets for embedded applications. The switch suffers only 0.5-dB Bluetooth path loss with the LNA in bypass mode, while the LNA has 12 dB gain and 1.8 dB noise figure.

According to Sanjiv Shah, Marketing Director Embedded Products at SiGe, "With the SE2601T, we are providing our customers with a single-chip solution integrating a SP3T RF switch and Wi-Fi receive path low noise amplifier. The SE2601T, which integrates features that until now have been discrete on the device motherboard or inside of a module solution, occupies less board space and offers significant advantages for designers of today's cool, feature-rich mobile devices." SiGe developed the SE2601T to enhance the performance and functionality of Bluetooth/Wi-Fi chipset solutions utilizing an integrated CMOS power amplifier (PA). The device is supplied in a RoHS-compliant 2 x 2 mm QFN package.

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