Handheld Analyzer Breaks Price Barriers

The Spectran HF60100 is a handheld RF spectrum analyzer from Kaltman Creations LLC that exceeds all expectations of performance for its price. Designed for measurements from 1 MHz to 9.4 GHz, it features sensitivity of better than -130 dBm. The compact analyzer features frequency stability of 0.5 PPM and amplitude measurement accuracy of +/-1 dB. The instrument is sold as part of an analysis kit, complete with SMA stick antenna for spectrum measurements, a precision handheld log-periodic antenna, AC charger/adaptor, mini-tripod stand, 6-ft USB cable, personal computer (PC) software, documentation, and aluminum carrying case. It is priced at $4975.

According to Mark Kaltman, the President of Kaltman Creations LLC, "The timing for this analyzer couldn't be better with the exponential use of wireless technology and the increased challenges of identifying interference and available frequencies." Created for RF analysis, where bringing out an expensive or bulky bench-size analyzer is not reasonable, the HF60100 fills the need at a price that is affordable for anyone.

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