Handheld Analyzer Assesses 4G Bases

Model MT8222B is the latest BTS Master handheld analyzer from Anritsu, designed to check the performance of fourth-generation (4G) cellular base stations as well as early second-generation (2G) and third-generation (3G) stations. The portable analyzer can tackle all of the main wireless communications standards, including WiMAX, Long Term Evolution (LTE), WCDMA/HSDPA, CDMA/EV-DO, and GSM/EDGE. It offers 20-MHz demodulation capability and a 30-MHz zero-span intermediate-frequency (IF) output for external demodulation of almost any kind of wideband signal used in modern wireless communications systems.

The MT8222B handles two-port cable and antenna analysis from 400 MHz to 6 GHz and is available with a vector-signal-generator option covering that same frequency range. This option equips the analyzer to generate two simultaneous modulated signals plus noise. In spectrum analyzer mode, the MT8222B operates from 150 kHz to 7.1 GHz with phase noise of typically -100 dBc/Hz offset 10 kHz from the carrier, with dynamic range of better than 95 dB and displayed average noise level (DANL) of typically -163 dBm in a 1-Hz resolution bandwidth. The instrument measures just 315 x 211 x 94 mm and weighs 4.9 kg with a rechargeable battery pack.

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