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GaAs Amp Boosts 10.0 To 13.3 GHz

GaAs Amp Boosts 10.0 To 13.3 GHz

Model MAAP-008924 is a three-stage GaAs power amplifier (PA) with generous output power. It delivers +31-dBm output power at 1-dB compression from 10.0 to 13.3 GHz with a third-order-intercept (IP3) point of +44 dBm for applications that require high linearity, such as point-to-point radios. The GaAs PA exhibits input return loss of 12 dB and typical output return loss of 10 dB, with 20 dB typical gain across its frequency range. The amplifier, which is supplied in a leadfree 20-lead PQFN housing measuring 5 x 5 mm, has typical noise figure of 7 dB and saturated output power of +32 dBm. It is rated for 1000 mA quiescent current and maximum drain voltage of 7 V.

M/A-COM TECHNOLOGY SOLUTIONS, INC.,100 Chelmsford St. Lowell, MA 01851; (978) 656-2500,

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