Filters Eliminate EMI In Data-Line Applications

By providing both common- and differential-mode noise attenuation, the PDLF surface-mount electromagnetic-interference (EMI) filters promise to reduce noise by a factor of 32 from 15 to 300 MHz. They boast 300 V rms isolation. The filters come in four-, three-, and two-line as well as 500-mA versions. The four-line PDLF4000L, for example, delivers current to 1000 mA with at least 5 H inductance. The DC resistance (DCR) is as high as 250 mOhms. The high-current version, dubbed the PDLF4500L, has the same specifications except for current capability to 500 mA. The filters have ferrite cores with tin-silver-copper over tin over nickel over phosphor-bronze terminations. P&A: sampling now.

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