Error In Figure
I found a small error in Fig. 2 in the December 2009 article, "Mixers Terminate Intermod Distortion." In the figure, the labeling on the y-axis for the 1-dB compression plot has been reversed. From top to bottom, the axis should go from +25 dBm down to 0 dBm. The printed version is reversed, making the T3 appear to have worse 1 dB compression hopefully readers read the text first and realize the error.
Christopher Marki
Marki Microwave

Editor's note:
We apologize for this oversight. The plot in the figure has been updated on our web site at: The corrected version is also shown above.

It is with much embarrassment that we apologize for any confusion caused by our December cover. We accidentally printed three headlines for feature articles that were not to be found in that issue, as they were headlines from a previous issue. The headlines were: "Tracking the trends in crystal oscillators," "Use pulse I-V testing to characterize RF devices," and "Rugged synthesizers take on harsh conditions." Please note that the main headline, "Top Products of 2009," did correctly reflect the Cover Story in the December issue. We sincerely apologize to anyone who saw the cover and tried to find the articles that were incorrectly listed. Please stay tuned for articles on synthesizer and oscillator developments in future issues.

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