Exploring The Mobile Ecosystem

Mobile wireless technology is an integral part of many lives, from cell phones and text messaging to GPS navigation systems in the car. Many would literally be lost without their portable devices. Yet, there always seems to be some new product, such as Apple's iPhone, that captures the imaginations of even the most seasoned mobile wireless device users. As wireless networks move into fourth-generation (4G) technologies, certainly the number of applications and electronic "toys" is set to grow rapidly.

But what types of devices and applications can users expect from 4G networks? One company that has done a remarkable job of developing wireless technology solutions is Qualcomm, Inc., and the firm's sponsored Uplinq 2010 Conference scheduled for June 30-July 1, 2010 in San Diego's Grand Hyatt provides an excellent opportunity to project the course of future mobile wireless products and technologies. The conference, with a keynote address to be given by Qualcomm CEO Paul Jacobs, includes sessions on the importance of chipset differentiation in mobile devices and the future of mobile wireless applications and devices, in addition to a session on how consumers are driving the requirements of 4G wireless networks. And there is always the beauty of San Diego to draw a good crowd.

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