Crystal Oscillator Handles High Temps

The PX420 crystal oscillator from Vectron International employs silicon on insulator (SOI) technology to handle a variety of harsh environments, including oil and gas down-hole operations. Available from 1 to 30 MHz, the crystal oscillator maintains high stability (within +/-100 PPM) over operating temperatures from -55 to +250 degrees C. The unique compliant quartz resonator mounting scheme also provides high shock and vibration resistance.

According to Gregory Smolka, Vice President of the IMS Business Unit at Vectron, "In the high-temperature electronics community, reliability and long lifetime at elevated temperatures are the key parameters. Throughout our ten-year history in high-temperature electronics, our products have delivered exceptional lifetime increases over comparable high-temp designs. The PX-420 builds on this legacy, offering designers unprecedented reliability and frequency stability for applications ranging from oil and gas exploration to high temperature industrial processes."

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