Couplers Climb To 40 GHz

A pair of high-performance directional couplers from Pulsar Microwave offers frequency coverage to 40 GHz with low loss and high directivity. Model CS20-52-436-9 is a 20-dB coupler that operates from 2 to 40 GHz with 1.6 dB insertion loss and more than 10 dB directivity. It maintains amplitude flatness of 0.5 dB through 20 GHz and 1.0 dB through 40 GHz. Rated for 20 W maximum power into a 1.20:1 VSWR load, the maximum VSWR is 1.80:1. Model CS20-53-436-13 is a 20-dB coupler with even wider frequency coverage of 1 to 40 GHz. It has insertion loss of 1.6 dB with directivity of better than 10 dB. The amplitude flatness is 0.6 dB through 20 GHz and 1.5 dB through 40 GHz. It can handle 20 W input power into a 1.20:1 VSWR load. Both couplers are supplied with female 2.92-mm connectors.

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