FreeWave TechnologiesHas been chosen by Petrobas to automate several SCADA applications in Peru and several other countries. Petrobas currently uses FreeWave FGR09CSU serial radios and several HTplus Ethernet radios at oil-collection sites, treatment plants, water-ejection sites, and compression stations.

ThalesRaytheonSystemsHas announced that its Firefinder radar system is supporting US troops in theater operations. Currently fielded in Iraq, upgraded Firefinders are scheduled to be deployed into Afghanistan in the coming months.

a.i. solutionsWas awarded, along with several other companies, an Air Force contract to support the US Global Positioning Systems (GPS) Operations Center in Colorado Springs. The prime contract (worth $7.4 million) was awarded to Apogee Engineering LLC with a.i. solutions listed as one of the sub-contractors.

Rohde & Schwarz UKHas supplied Secure Systems & Technologies (SST) with an FSET22 Test Receiver, FSETZ22 RF Preselector, and associated equipment. The FSET purchase is part of a large investment program by SST, which is commissioning a new test chamber and upgrading existing chambers in line with new TEMPEST testing standards.

EkahauWill be providing its RTLS system, which is designed to monitor hazardous-medical-waste disposal, to Guang'anmen Hospital in Beijing, China. HKC Technology Co. will be responsible for the system's installation and support.

Raytheon BBN Technologies Has been awarded $2.4 million in funding by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) to design and integrate an information architecture for wireless small-module satellites. The award will support secure, real-time communications among satellite modules.

Harris Corp.Has received a $17.8-million order to supply the US Army with additional Falcon II AN/VRC-104(V) (3) radio systems. The radios will be used to provide high-frequency communications in Mine-Resistant-Ambush-Protected (MRAP) vehicles.

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