Cobham Shows Amps And Attenuators At IMS

Cobham is at IMS this week with several new GaAs monolithic-microwave-integrated-circuit (MMIC) products fabricated at the new Cobham Sensor Systems facility in Blacksburg, VA. The firm's advanced semiconductor microwave circuits fabrication operations were relocated in March from Roanoke, VA. Products on the show floor include a 2-to-6-GHz high-power amplifier, a 2.5-to-6-GHz driver amplifier, a 4-to-20-GHz broadband gain block, a 1-to-6-GHz digital attenuator, and an L-band phase shifter. The components support viable sensor solutions for systems such as the integrated defensive electronic countermeasures jamming systems used on jet fighter aircraft, as well as ground-based systems, such as the counter fire target acquisition radar system. Cobham Sensor Systems is a strategic business unit of Cobham Defense Systems. According to Jeremy Wensinger, President, Cobham Defense Systems, "Today's product announcement demonstrates the success of this move, which has enabled us to introduce new and highly reliable MMIC systems that can be produced at lower cost and in less time."

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