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Chip Capacitors Are Valued At 10 To 220 pF At 4000 VDC

Unlike standard electrolytic Capacitors, the Type EDL electric double-layer supercapacitor can actually act as a battery. By leveraging this feature, designers can avoid the environmental or hazardous-material issues associated with batteries. The 2500-VDC-rated and 4000-VDC-rated Type MCH also avoids the cracking and delaminating associated with porcelain and NPO ceramics in large SMD sizes. Its secret is to use high-Q alumina silicate (mica)/resin/epoxy construction. Capacitors are available with values ranging from 10 to 220 pF for voltages as high as +4000 VDC and as much as 1000 pF for voltages as high as +2500 VDC. Its voltage range is 2.1 to 5.5 VDC. The capacitors operate from –25° to +85°C. A non-magnetic version, MCHN, is available for applications like MRI, in which strong magnetic fields are present. Type MCH and MCHN are designed for use in high-RF-power designs where stability and low losses are critical, such as RF power amplifiers, antennas, and transmitters. Type MCH is available in a 0.380 X 0.380-in. or 9.9 X 9.9-mm case-size, surface-mountable package. P&A: starting at $5 each in OEM quantities; lead time is stock to eight weeks.

Cornell Dubilier Electronics, Inc., 140 Technology Pl., Liberty, SC 29657; (864) 843-2626, FAX: (864) 843-2402, Internet:

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