Chip Antenna Tackles Embedded Systems

The Indica A10381 is a chip-sized 2.4-GHz antenna from Antenova Ltd. designed for ease of integration into wireless devices, notably for use around electronic shelf labels (ESLs). The chip antenna, which measures 3.3 x 1.6 x 0.65 mm and weighs less than 0.016 g, features 70-percent efficiency. It is suitable for all 2.4-GHz applications such as Bluetooth wireless headsets and the new generation of Bluetooth Low Energy medical devices.

According to Greg McCray, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Antenova, "The ESL market for retail stores alone is projected to be in the region of 5 billion units in North America and 10 billion units globally. Indica A10381 is extremely well suited for ESL devices, not only because of its very small size but because it performs especially well in the proximity of metal objects such as metal shelving and product tins."

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