Cavity Filter Spans 460 To 465 MHz

A narrow-bandwidth cavity filter has been designed to withstand 100 W continuous-wave (CW) input power. Dubbed the EWT-11-0652, it has a passband from 460 to 465 MHz. Over that range, it exhibits insertion loss below 1.5 dB and provides more than 55 dB rejection at 455 MHz. The filter exhibits VSWR of 1.50:1 over the passband. Although it is supplied with SMA female connectors, other connector options are available. The filter measures 5.15 x 4.00 x 4.00 in.

Eastern Wireless TeleComm, Inc., 2040 Shipley Dr., Suite 5, Salisbury, MD 21801; (410) 749-3800, FAX: (410) 749-4852,

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