Bridging The Past And Future Of RF

The history of this industry is filled with amazing minds and awesome accomplishments.

THIS YEAR marks the 45th anniversary of Microwaves & RF (or MicroWaves for those of you from the early years). Although we are running different special features throughout the year, our biggest endeavor is the "Microwave Legends." With help from youour readerswe have compiled a list of these legends. It is a kind of "hall of fame" for the people, places, and things that have made the RF industry what it is today. Our goal is to narrow down that rather vast list to the 45 nominees that have most impacted our industry.

Obviously, this task is quite daunting. The history of this industry is filled with amazing minds and awesome accomplishments. As a result, we are asking for your help in this decision-making process. Online voting is taking place now through May 31. To participate, simply go to and click on the box labeled "Voting." You will see a list of people, places, and things. Just click those that you deem most worthy of the "Microwave Legends" title. The " winning" Microwave Legends will be spotlighted in our August issue, which will celebrate the 45 years since the magazine's premier issue in August of 1961. In addition, the complete list of inductants will be featured on

We plan to add to the Microwave Legends every year. This year, of course, the inductants will probably be largely historical in nature. Where would the industry be, for example, without great inventors and researchers like Tesla or Marconi? Yet we also hope to incorporate some of our more modern-day industry "greats."

There are certainly legends among us today. Many of those peopleor their workwill be on hand next month at the International Microwaves Symposium (IMS). Known by many as the Microwave Theory & Techniques Symposium (MTT-S), this conference and exhibition is a mid-year tradition for much of the industry. It also is the highlight of the year, as it is the chosen venue for many product unveilings, technical presentations, and news-sharing.

This year, the conference and exhibition is being held June 11-15 at the Moscone Convention Center in San Francisco, CA. As we walk the exhibition floor, we will all remember those early tubes, radars, and other World War II-inspired technologies that spawned the RF industry. Hopefully, we also will catch a glimpse of where next-generation communications, software, and other recent drivers are taking the RF industry. Please stop by our booth (2345) to take part in our show activities. You also will get a chance to win a Fluke multimeter.

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