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Attribution Needed

YOUR SEPTEMBER 2007 article "Evaluate Test System Impedance Matching And Switch Quality" by Jeremy Meier and Jaideep Jhangiani (p. 84) has an interesting image for Fig. 5 on p. 90. Interesting to me because it was generated from a free download at my website. A very similar image is used by me on this page:

It cant be a coincidence. The authors used the same wave number, VSWR, nearly the same axes, and the same color code!

If you read the Microwaves 101 VSWR page, it says "remember where you got it" referring to the spreadsheet. It also says at the bottom of the page "All content copyright P-N Designs Inc." Meaning, ask first, then use our material, with our permission, but give us credit for it.

No one asked. The authors of the article should have footnoted Microwaves 101, but they didnt.

Can you please credit us in a correction, or otherwise acknowledge our existence?

The Unknown Editor

Editors Note: Steve, thanks very much for writing. We apologize to you and to the crew at for the oversight. We will add a credit to in the online version of the article on the Microwaves & RFwebsite. We are glad that you pointed this out to us. Thanks for keeping us on our toes. Keep up the good work at

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