Attracting New Blood To An Aging Industry

One week after the annual IEEE Microwave Theory & Techniques Society (MTT-S) symposium and exhibition in Atlanta, GA, most attendees are still trying to shake off the effects of too much socializing and too much technology. The event is usually invigorating in terms of the amount of new information it offers, but can be exhausting, especially for those of us with a "few years" behind us. Something that became apparent from the 2008 MTT-S was the "graying" of this industry. While the aging process usually brings with it an abundance of wisdom, any industry needs an infusion of new blood for its overall health and continuity. Unfortunately, there are far too many engineers in the RF/microwave field closer to retirement than those just starting out. And that lack of youth often results in a lack of fresh, new thoughts and ideas. Of course, the efforts of folks like Dr. Larry Dunleavy, of Modelithics ( device modeling fame, but also a tireless promoter of this industry to students at the University of South Florida, should not go unnoticed for the value they bring to helping to "renew" this industry with fresh blood. And more such efforts will be needed for the long-term health and continuity of this industry.

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