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Analyzer Scours Spectrum To 7 GHz

The N9342C is a handheld spectrum analyzer from Agilent Technologies for analysis of signals from 100 kHz to 7 GHz, although it is tunable to 9 kHz. Ideal for field testing and signal surveillance, it includes an integral 7-GHz tracking generator, option for a GPS receiver, and optional 8-GHz antenna for signal tracking. According to Brian LeMay, General Manager of Agilent's Chengdu Instruments Division, the portable spectrum analyzer is "Specifically designed for the field, the N9342C HSA is extremely easy to use and brings RF field test efficiency to a new level." The analyzer provides simple-to-use, one-button measurements for a wide range of popular parameters, including adjacent-channel power, occupied bandwidth, and channel power. An optional three-in-one backpack provides comfort and hands-free operation in the field. The analyzer includes USB and Ethernet ports for connection to a personal computer (PC), and is shipped with free N9342C HSA PC software.

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