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Amending Armstrong

I'm in the middle of reading the piece submitted by Geoff Mendenhall, Jay Adrick & Tim Anderson of Harris Corp. ("Broadcasting Harnesses The Digital Age," 50th Anniversary issue) and was enjoying it, when I came to the part about the inventor of FM modulation, "Howard W. Armstrong." The correct name, as anyone who knows the history of radio (and the bad blood between RCA's David Sarnoff and his former employee), is Edwin H. Armstrong.

Ira Wilner
Saga Communications
Keene, NH

I read an article in your 50th Anniversary of Microwaves & RF magazine this afternoon. It was a very nice condensed version of the history of radio broadcasting and its shift from analog to digital technologies. However, I was disturbed when I read the incorrect name of the contributor of some of the greatest work in radio sciences ever. The gentleman's name was Edwin Howard Armstrong, not Howard W. Armstrong.

Paul Patterson
Huntsville, AL

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