Alive And Thriving

In a previous issue of Microwaves & RF magazine, an incorrect statement saying Polyfet RF Devices is no longer in business was made. In actuality, nothing can be further from the truth. Polyfet RF Devices is alive and doing well.

Polyfet RF Devices has been manufacturing RF power MOSFETs since the company's inception in 1987. Our company has met many industry milestones since that time. In 1995 we were one of the few companies in the world that developed a line of LDMOS power devices. Around that same time, the company released its second generation of VDMOS power devices (the S-series). Later in 2009, Polyfet introduced its line of 50-V LDMOS devices. Currently, we are the only manufacturer in the world that has a line of LDMOS devices in small, push-pull packages. Our most recent product is a family of gallium nitride (GaN) power transistors. Some of our GaN devices have been released for production, while others are in engineering. Our engineering parts are hitting greater than 80% efficiencies at 3-dB compression (P3dB) under Class AB CW conditions.

In the late 1990s we introduced our first power module, called the PCM001. It provided 15 W across 30 to 470 MHz with 27 dB gain. Since that time, we have released roughly 20 different broadband power modules reaching 300 W and 1 GHz.

The most common use for our product is military communications and related applications. Roughly 70% of our business is with the military market. The relationships with our military customers have stayed so strong over the years for a few reasons. One is the fact that we keep our product in production for long terms. Another reason is the quality and consistency of our parts. Finally, there is our commitment to providing technical support in the way of working closely with engineers or providing demonstration amplifiers for evaluation.

As far as our financial health is concerned, we are well positioned for long-term survival. We have been profitable every year since 1990. Polyfet holds no long-term debt. We own our building and all of our capital equipment outright. Our cash account is healthy, which enables us to continue to invest in R&D. By the end of 2011 we plan to release more GaN devices and some power modules using our GaN devices.

I trust that I was able to extinguish any beliefs or concerns that Polyfet RF Devices no longer exists. To all of our customers, we thank you for your business.

Jerome Citrolo
Marketing Manager
Polyfet RF Devices

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