ADS Design Library Aims At Wireless Video Area Networks

Agilent Technologies has introduced a design library for its Advanced Design System (ADS) electronic-design-automation (EDA) software suite to aid developers of wireless video area networks (WVANs) for high-volume consumer video equipment. The design library helps achieve higher success rates on fabrication of high-frequency integrated circuits, in particular the 60-GHz devices that will be used for WVAN applications. The Agilent WVAN Wireless Library is of particular interest to members of the WirelessHD consortium because the library includes portions of Version 1.0 PHY as simulation blocks, allowing WirelessHD consortium members to begin verifying transceiver RFIC designs months in advance of prototype circuits or commercial measurement personalities.

The library, which is an option to the Agilent ADS 2008 software suite, also provides an external algorithmic verification reference for early comparison and waveform generation. By verifying key algorithms and silicon early in the design process, greater success can be achieved in the fabrication of working devices, helping to accelerate the time to market and lower design costs for WVAN designers. The library includes transmit- and receive-oriented baseband coding blocks, as well as test benches to verify spectral masks, complementary cumulative distribution function and other physical layer measurements, and reference documentation.

Agilent Technologies

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