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ADCs Operate To 250 MSamples/s

A line of single and dual-channel 14-b analog-to-digital converters (ADCs) from Linear Technology is ideal for intermediate-frequency (IF) applications at sampling rates to 250 MSamples/s. The converters feature low spurious-free dynamic range (SFDR) at frequencies to about 900 MHz, and are available with sampling rates of 170, 210, and 250 MSamples/s in single-channel (model LTC2152-14) a dual-channel (model LTC2157-14) versions. The ADCs operate from a single +1.8-VDC supply with the dual-channel unit consuming only 303 mW per channel at 250 MSamples/s. Both converter types feature a 1.25-GHz full-power sample-and-hold bandwidth, low-power sleep mode, and serial SPI port. They are available in 6 x 6 mm (single-channel) and 9 x 9 mm (dual-channel) QFN packages.

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