Active Doubler Includes Booster Amplifier

A new active doubler is versatile enough to be either operated in a saturated power mode or backed off for linear applications. The model XX1001-QK accepts input signals from 18 to 21 GHz and provides output signals from 36 to 42 GHz with +25 dBm output power. It rejects the fundamental frequencies by 50 dB. The active doubler includes gain control, which is achieved by adjusting the bias parameters. The device combines an active doubler with an input buffer amplifier and a four-stage power amplifier. It targets a variety of applications including microwave, point-to-point radio, VSAT, E-band radio, automotive, and satellite communications. The XX1001-QK is offered in a 7 X 7-mm, surface-mount QFN package that is RoHS compliant. Engineering samples and small production quantities are available from stock.

Mimix Broadband, Inc., 10795 Rockley Rd., Houston, TX 77099; (281) 988-4600, Internet:

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