2009 Editorial Index

Crosstalk With The Unknown Editor (January, p. 42)))
Crosstalk With Alexander Chenakin(March, p. 38)))
Achieving Effective Amplifier Designs (May, FOCUS, p. S8)))
Crosstalk With Vinod Chitkara (August, p. 44)))
Microwave Legends (August, p. 47)))
Crosstalk With Eric Strid (September, p. 44)))
Crosstalk With Bob Van Buskirk (November, p. 44))
Medical And Smart-Grid Markets Beckon Designers (December, p. 33))
Top Products of 2009 (December, p. 82))

UNB Modulation Salvages Spectrum (April, p. 55))
Analyzing A 5.5-GHz DRO For WLANs (April, p. 72))
Radio Monitors Pipeline Integrity (April, p. 114))
Understanding Benefits Of MIMO Technology (May, p. 50))
Copper Cable Assemblies Challenge Optical Performance (May, FOCUS, p. S10))
Rectangular DR Antenna Resonates At 3 GHz (August, p. 68))
Designing Effective Baseband Circuits (August, p. 72))
Sources Shave Phase Noise For Millimeter- Wave Applications (August, p. 88))
Synthesizer Merges Fast Switching With Low Phase Noise (August, p. 96))
Enhanced Connectivity Drives Wireless Standards (October, p. 29))
Ozmo Devices Funded For WPAN Growth (October, p. 46))
Analyzing WiMAX Modulation Quality (October, p. 59))
Digital RF Processor Serves Plethora Of Cellular Systems (October, p. 84))
Data Converters Process RF/MW Signals (October, p. 104))

Build Lowpass Filters With Elliptic DGS (January, p. 74)
Amplifiers Gain Power And Minimize Noise (February, p. 99)
Form Bandpass Filters On Glass Substrates (February, p. 84)
Making Manufacturing Choices For X-Band BPFs (February, p. 64)
Low Loss Allows Connections To Varied Applications (March, FOCUS, p. S11)
Learn The Meaning Of Amplifier Linearity (March, p. 46)
SIR Approach Yields UWB Microstrip Filter (March, p. 82)
Rack-Mount Amplifiers Power 0.5 To 31.0 GHz (March, p. 92)
Power Dividers/Combiners Rise In Frequency, Shrink In Size (March, FOCUS, p. S5)
Cables And Connectors Link To New Applications (April, p. 28)
Custom Synthesizers Span 167 To 6010 MHz (April, p. 108)
Power Amplifier Tackles WiMAX (April, p. 112)
Screening Requirements For Microwave Filters (April, p. 40)
VCOs Tune Miniature Synthesizers To 12 GHz (April, p. 91)
Broadband Dividers Split Power To 65 GHz (May, p. 146)
Tunable IF Aids Bluetooth Flexibility (May, p. 88)
Build LPFs With Dot-Terminations (May, p. 108)
Printed Dipole Delivers High Gain For WLANs (May, p. 120)
Translinear Circuits Tackle RF Signals (May, p. 100)
Finding Ways To Reduce Filter Size (June, p. 106)
Launching TM Mode Onto A Single Conductor (June, p. 72)
Squeezing Maximum Amplifier Efficiency (June, p. 42)
Applying Practical TM Mode Propagation (July, p. 62)
Miniature Filter Screens VHF Band (July, p. 78)
VVAs Control Amplitude To 6 GHz (July, p. 84)
RF Adapters Gain Bandwidth While Lowering Return Loss (July, FOCUS, p. S8)
Bandpass Filter Integrates Notch (August, p. 62)
Hybrid Amp Modules Drive 6 To 18 GHz (August, p. 82)
DGS-Based Resonators Form Lowpass Filters (September, p. 76)
Dividers/Combiners Continue To Shrink (September, p. 118)
Miniature Wideband Antennas Cover 900 And 1800 MHz (September, FOCUS, p. S8)
Oscillator Cuts Phase Noise To -145
dBc/Hz At 10 kHz (September, p. 120)
Low-Profile QSFP Cables Handle Faster
Data Rates Over Longer Distances (September, FOCUS, Cover Story)
VCOs Deliver Expanded Coverage In Smaller Packages (September, FOCUS, p. S4)
Microwave Antennas Come In Many Forms (October, p. 44)
Cables And Connectors Make Vital System Links (November, p. 33)
Power Amps Boost Multimode, Multiband Signals (November, FOCUS, p. S5)
Surface-Mount Oscillators/Circulators Shave Size And Insertion Loss (November, FOCUS, Cover Story)
Class F Amplifier Boasts High Efficiency (December, p. 53)
Mixers Terminate Intermod Distortion (December, p. 90)
Taking Measure Of Microwave Mixers (December, p. 38)
Surface-Mount Mixers Are WJ Replacements (December, p. 96)

Computer-Aided engineering
EM And Math Software Aids RF/Microwave Design (April, p. 98)
Hit Minimum SAR With EM Software (May, p. 92)
Passive Simulation Models Gain Accuracy And Scalability (May, FOCUS, p. S1)
EM Simulators Study Field Patterns (July, p. 38)
Modify MOSFET Models For Nonlinear Quantification (September, p. 63)
New EDA Software Versions Boast Broad Enhancements (October, p. 108)
Microwave Software Covers More Of The Design Flow (November, p. 36)

IMS Returns To The Cradle Of Liberty (May, p. 33)
Sorting Through News From The Boston MTT-S (August, p. 28)
Cutting-Edge Developments Shine At EuMW And AOC (September, p. 48)

Defense Electronics
Converter/Exciter Fires EW And ECM Waveforms (April, p. 102)
Microwave Solutions Guard Against Mounting Threats (June, p. 28)
Targeting Trends In Military Electronics (June, p. 38)
Tracking Trends In Military IFMs And DFDs (June, p. 57)
SiGe PLL Synthesizer Suits Space Applications (June, p. 64)
Component Refinements Advance Defense Systems (September, p. 29)
Spherical Phased Array Links Remote Sensors (September, p. 84)
Gauge The Effects Of Coplanar Ground Planes (September, p. 92)
Integrated Devices Arm Infrastructure Radios (September, p. 106)

Devices & ICs
Programmable And Fixed Attenuators Continue To Evolve (January, FOCUS, p. S5)
Process Technologies Enable Performance Leaps (February, p. 28)
Tracking Advances In High-Power GaN HEMTs (February, p. 55)
Services Build On 65-nm CMOS (February, p. 102)
Wideband Transistors Are Efficient To 3 GHz (February, p. 104)
Recalling Early GaAs MMIC Developments (March, p. 68)
PA Modules Are Tailored For Femtocell Base Stations (March, FOCUS, Cover Story)
Tiny Transistors Route Wireless Signals (March, p. 106)
Transistors And Amplifiers Make Power Gains (July, p. 28)
TWTs Still Drive High-Power Systems (July, p. 70)
Device Advances Lead To Lower LNA Noise Levels (July, FOCUS, p. S1)
LDMOS FETs Power Efficient Doherty Amps (August, p. 58)
Integrated Devices Arm Infrastructure Radios (September, p. 106)
Form GaAs/InGaAs Lasers On Virtual Ge (October, p. 68)
Compact PLLs Integrate VCOs (October, p. 95)
Multimode Transceiver Eliminates SAW Filters (October, p. 114)
Some Older ICs Don't Fade Away (October, p. 40)
MMICs Serve MM-Wave Systems (November, p. 106)
DSA Attenuates 50 To 3000 MHz (November, p. 107)
Downconverting Mixers Range Wide To 4 GHz (December, p. 100)

New Materials Give Cables Much-Needed Boost (January, FOCUS, p. S10)
Materials Move Beyond Thermal Management (March, p. 28)
Extract Petroleum With Microwaves (October, p. 78)
Making The Most Of Microwave Materials (November, p. 42)
Microwave Materials Lay Foundation For PAs (December, p. 65)

Gauge Phase Noise Impact On WiMAX APs (February, p. 74)
Know The Nuances Of SSB Phase Noise (February, p. 38)
Analyze Bearing Accuracy Of A Monopulse System (March, p. 61)
Analyze Requirements For WEDGE Receivers (March, p. 76)
Sizing Up Advances In Frequency Synthesizers (March, p. 96)
Propagation Simulator Models Airborne Coms (March, p. 95)
Analyze Bearing Accuracy Of A Monopulse System (April, p. 78))
Radios Tune At UHF And 1.3 GHz (May, p. 138)
Sending Surface Waves Along Coaxial Cables (May, p. 78)
Transceivers Power Pico Base Stations (July, p. 92)
TD-SCDMA Receiver Captures Multiple Channels (July, p. 53)
Laser-Based System Creates Fast Prototypes (May, p. 150)
Examine Antenna Tunability In Implanted Systems (December, p. 74)

VNAs Support Production And Laboratory Testing (January, p. 28)
Spectrum Analyzers Scan RF Performance (January, p. 38)
Program Calibrates VNAs For Broadband Accuracy (January, p. 57)
Classify Modern RF Signals In The Field (January, p. 66)
Assemble A Ku-Band Frequency Synthesizer (January, p. 80)
Speedy VNA Spans 70 kHz to 70 GHz (January, p. 89)
USB Commands Fast Power Meter/Sensors (January, p. 98)
Signal /Spectrum Analyzer Speeds Production Testing (January, p. 102)
Accurately Test 3G LTE Power Amplifiers (January, FOCUS)
Pulsed Test Systems Characterize Power FETs (February, p. 90)
Digital Scopes Capture 30 GHz (March, p. 104)
Palm-Sized Generators Pack High Performance (March, p. 100)
Measure Impedance And Insertion Loss In USB 3.0 Cables And Connectors (March, FOCUS, p. S13)
Evaluating Impedance Transformers With A VNA (April, p. 64)
Agile Sources Reach 50 GHz (May, p. 132)
Networking RF Tests With LXI (May, p. 54)
System Simplifies Multiport S-Parameter Measurements (May, p. 57)
USB Digital Attenuators Control 63 dB To 6 GHz (May, p. 142)
Targeting Measurements For Mobile Radio Systems (June, p. 92)
Use A VSA To Analyze Quad Demod Noise Figure (June, p. 82)
Nonlinear VNAs Extend To 50 GHz (June, p.100)
Tracing Trends In RF Test Equipment (July, p. 88)
Active-Load-Pull Measurement System Fully Characterizes PAs (July, FOCUS, p. S5)
Spectrum Analyzers Scour Signals To 14 GHz (July, p. 97)
Versatile Scopes Trigger To 4 GHz (July, p. 98)
Wideband Passive Components Pose Measurement Challenges (July, FOCUS, p. S12)
Arbitrary Generators Answer Most Testing Needs (August, p. 40)
Load-Pull System Aids Nonlinear Device Modeling (August, p. 90)
Portable VNAs Tune To 20 GHz (August, p. 94)
Signal Generator Breaks 1-W Barrier (August, p. 98)
Analyzers Scrutinize Signals To 26.5 GHz (October, p. 110)
Evaluating 4G Testing Needs (September, p. 42)
Simulating RF Tuned Stages (November, p. 59)
Examine Balanced Twisted Bifilar Lines (November, p. 68)
Analyze BER Performance Of Wireless FSK Systems (November, p. 80)
Configuring Software For WiMAX Testing (November, p. 90)
Measure Group Delay Without Direct LO Access (November, p. 99)
Economy Analyzers Extend To 7.5 GHz (November, p. 104)
VNAs Characterize Supercomputer Cable Assemblies (November, FOCUS, p. S9)
Triband Cellular Antenna Tackles E-Field Testing (December, p. 60)
VME/VXS Cards Capture Agile Signals (December, p. 102)

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