Vishay Releases High-Power Z-Foil Resistor

Vishay Intertechnology announced the VSMP1206 high-precision, surface-mount, Bulk Metal Z-foil resistor, a device that combines a 300-mW power rating, load life stability of 0.01 percent, and a low nominal temperature coefficient of resistance (TCR) of +/-0.5 ppm/degrees Centrigrade in an industry-standard, surface-mount package. The technology delivers low and predictable TCR performance and can be manufactured with tolerances within 0.02 percent. The company's model VSMP1206 is an example of the technology. The surface-mount chip resistor measures just 0.126 by 0.062 in. with a 0.025-in. height profile, maximum weight of 11 mg, and choice of lead-free or tin/lead alloy terminals. It has a resistance range of 10 ohms to 30 kohms. Vishay -->

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