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Tiny Power Amp Drives S-Band Systems

Integra Technologies has developed a miniature S-band power amplifier ideal for radar applications. Internally matched to 50 ohms, the tiny amplifier provides as much as 18 W peak pulsed power from 3.0 to 3.5 GHz. Based on silicon LDMOS device technology, the rugged little amplifier can be operated in Class A, Class B, and Class AB modes. It has 100 percent stability when operated into a 3.0:1 load VSWR mismatch, and features 11 dB minimum power gain over the full frequency range. Peak drain current is 1.75 A from a +28-VDC supply. The amplifier has minimum input return loss of 10 dB. For more information on the compact amplifier, visit the Integra Technologies website at:

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