Tiny Crystal Oscillator Sports Frequencies To 50 MHz

Measuring only 2.50 x 2.00 x 0.89 mm, the CXOQ crystal oscillator takes advantage of the latest advancements in quartz micro-machining and hermetically sealed ceramic package technologies. It spans 312.5 kHz to 50 MHz with voltages of 1.8, 2.5, and 3.3 V. The oscillator delivers calibration tolerance of 100 ppm and frequency stability of 50 ppm for commercial versions and 100 ppm for industrial versions. At +3.3 VDC, it typically consumes 1.1 mA at 3.6864 MHz and 3.2 mA at 32 MHz. The device's output load (CMOS) is 15 pF. The oscillator starts up in less than 5 ms. It offers a maximum rise/fall time of 6 ns. Aging for the first year is 10 ppm maximum. The oscillator consists of a CMOS/TTL-compatible hybrid circuit and a miniature, fundamental-mode crystal. It is offered with optional output disable/ enable with tri-stating. The oscillator is offered in commercial, industrial, and military operating-temperature ranges.

Statek Corp., 512 N. Main St., Orange, CA 92868; (714) 639-7810, FAX: (714) 997-1256, Internet: www.statek.com.

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