TIA Explores Design Structures For Small Wind Turbines

Telecommunications is among the industries looking at alternative-energy sources and the reduction of carbon emissions. On November 11, 2009, the Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA) agreed to investigate design structures for small wind turbines with the intent to participate in the development of a new standard based on its work in developing and maintaining the standard for steel antenna towers. At a meeting in Southpointe, PA, the TIA TR-14 Engineering Committee on Point-to-Point Communications, TR-14.7 Subcommittee on Structural Standards for Steel Antenna Towers, was approached by the American Wind Energy Association (AWEA) US/IEC Large Turbine Permitting Guideline - Structural Committee liaison to consider the joint development of a technical standard on small-wind-turbine structural design. Members of TIA TR-14.7, which maintains the industry standard for the structural design of steel antenna towers and supporting structures, unanimously agreed to form a technical task group to investigate structural design issues for small wind turbines. The task group will focus on researching and formulating recommendations to address the technical aspects of the design and maintenance of structures supporting small wind generators based upon the approaches outlined in the existing communications tower standard, TIA-222-G. Ultimately, the TIA wishes to participate in the offering of a solution that satisfies the technical needs of the small wind power industry.

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