TDR Cable Testers Reach Beyond 8.3 GHz

The CT100 series automated metallic time-domain-reflectometer (TDR) cable testers target analog/RF and digital communications systems. These TDRs feature horizontal cursor resolution of 0.003 in. (75 microns) and system rise times as low as 60 ps (20 to 80 percent, CT100HF). With sequential sample rate 250 kHz (more than 500 waveforms per second), these instrumetns can capture rapid transient faults. The portable models CT100 and CT100HF TDRs feature software tolls that let the operator rapidly detec and localiz subtle cable faults and recall frequently used test configurations. In addition, cable scans can be stored for later analysis either on the tester itself or on a host PC using the included CT Viewer analysis software. With test frequencies extenting to more than 8.3 GHz (CT100HF), these instruments are suited for use with most modern communications systems. The CT100 serves as a preplacement for the discontinued Tektronix 1502C TDR. Both instruments weigh approxmiately 5 lbs. (2.3 kg) each and feature a bright color screen, Universal Serial Bus (USB) and 10/100 Ethernet connectivity, and support for USB peripherals including keyboards and barcode readers. The TDRs com bundled with CT Viewer host PC software, a TDR waveform-analysiss software package designed for Windows XP/Vista. CT Viewer lerts the operator rescale, compare, and perform math transforms on stored TDR waveforms. The software uses Microsoft SQL Server for reliable data storage.

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