Surge Arrestors Guard RF Equipment From Lightning

The LP-BTR50 series recently joined the Times-Protect line of RF lightning- and surge-protection products. These devices protect RF equipment handling applications from 125 through 1000 MHz. The surge arrestors incorporate DC-blocking technology. Thanks to their multi-strike performance, they also promise longevity. The arrestors provide 50- impedance with typical VSWR/return loss of better than 1.10:1 and 26 dB. They exhibit insertion loss of 0.1 dB. The arrestors handle an impulse discharge current of 10 kA multiple (8 20 s waveform). Turn-on voltage is 600 V (20 percent) while turn-on time is 2.5 ns for 2 kV/ns. The arrestors feature power handling of 375 W from 125 to 220 MHz, 125 W from 220 to 700 MHz, and 50 W from 700 to 1000 MHz. Devices are offered with Type N connectors to satisfy various installation requirements. Model LP-BTR50NFF offers Type N female connectors on both the surge and protected sides. Model LP-BTR50NMP comes with a Type N male connector on the protected side with a Type N female connector on the surge side. Model LP-BTR50NMS offers a Type N male connector on the surge side with a Type N female connector on the protected side.

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