Samtec Acquires Terabit Cable Systems

Samtec Inc. (Albany, NY) announced the acquisition of Terabit Cable Systems (Wilsonville, OR), a company focused on the design and manufacture of high-speed cable and cable assemblies for board-to-board, backplane, and high-speed input/output (I/O) applications. Terabit designs and manufactures lead, cadmium, chromium, and halogen free cable products. According to John Hynes, Samtec's Advanced Product Sales Manager, "Terabit provides an extraordinary and world class capability in cable and cable assemblies that are a perfect analog to Samtec's connector and flex circuit capability." Samtec expects Terabit to broaden Samtec's broad line of existing products in board-to-board and add to Samtec's emerging focus in high speed and signal integrity products. The majority of Samtec's recent new product development efforts have been in the high speed arena - high speed differential pair array systems, shielded high speed systems, micro twin-ax and coax high speed cable assemblies, and elevated high speed board-to-board systems. Samtec -->

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