RF Coaxial WQMA Connectors Protect Outdoor Telecom Equipment

By providing the durability required by most harsh outdoor applications, the high-density RF coaxial waterproof QMA (WQMA) connectors eliminate the need for costly and bulky watertight enclosures or cable entries. These connectors offer an alternative to traditional SMA connectors for applications to 6 GHz. They offer a power rating of 200 W at 1 GHz and +75C. The RoHScompliant components also feature enhanced corrosion resistance, at least 100 matings for durability, and a full range ostraight and right-angle options. They operate from 40 to +105C.

The WQMA connectors promise to provide high-density and quick connections within and to RF modules. They come with snap-on Quick Lock technology. The connectors are fully intermateable and backward compatible with any QLF-certified standard QMA jack. They also provide for impressive ingress protectionan IP68 rating when mated. The connectors are available for most popular cables as well as for a broad range of panel-sealed QMA jacks in different configurations. The WQMA connectors support various outdoor applications like portable test and GPS equipment, RFID systems, wireless surveillance cameras, base stations, and handhelds. They also provide the interconnection between the modules and antennas needed for WiFi, WiMAX, 3G, and 4G designs.

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