Oscillator Withstands Temperatures To 250C

To meet the high-reliability requirements demanded by harsh-environment applications, the PX-420 combines advanced quartz-resonator design with siliconon- insulator (SOI) technology to provide available signals from 1 to 40 MHz. As a result, the crystal oscillator vows to serve applications requiring continuous, high-reliability operation at temperatures ranging from -55 to +250C. The PX-420 features a doubly rotated quartz resonator and electrode metallization, which enables it to provide 100-ppm frequency stability over the entire operating temperature range. The oscillator typically requires 5 mA current at 20 MHz and 3.3 V. Its output is HCMOS compatible with rise and fall times of 1 ns typical and 3 ns maximum. From 12 kHz to 20 MHz, jitter is less than 0.5 ps. The PX-420 targets diverse applications ranging from oil and gas exploration to high-temperature industrial processes. The 0.5-x-0.5-x-0.2-in. device comes in a four-pin, half- DIP, resistance-welded can.

Vectron International, 267 Lowell Rd., Hudson, NH 03051; (888) 328-7661, FAX: (603) 598-0075, Internet: www.vectron.com.

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