Narda Offers LNA Modules To 18 GHz

Narda Microwave-East has developed a line of compact low-noise-amplifier (LNA) modules for broadband applications through 18 GHz. They offer noise figures as low as 1.8 dB and as much as 28 dB gain with output power at 1-dB compression as high as +20 dBm As an example, model NEL-0102N305-1MH is a broadband LNA module for applications from 500 MHz to 2 GHz. It features a noise figure of 2 dB or less and gain of at least 28 dB, with worst-case gain variations of 1 dB across the full frequency range. It provides output power at 1-dB compression of at least +5 dBm. Model NEL-0618T620-5MH is an LNA module designed for use from 6 to 18 GHz. Over that range, it delivers 4 dB noise figure, 28 dB gain, and output power of +20 dBm at 1-dB compression. For more information on the LNA modules, visit the Narda Microwave-East website at:

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