Modulator Runs 50 To 1000 MHz

Model PSM-50M1G-CD-1 is a single sideband (SSB) modulator designed for use from 50 MHz to 1 GHz. It has an intermediate-frequency (IF) range of DC to 10 MHz and IF modulation power range of +7 to +13 dBm into 50 O. The SB modulator features an input 1-dB compression point of typically +5 dBm. It has maximum conversion loss of 10 dB. The modulator achieves typically carrier suppression of -20 dBc, with worst-case quadrature phase accuracy of 10 deg. and worst-case quadrature amplitude accuracy of 2.0 dB. The wideband SSB modulator is supplied in a coaxial package measuring 6.0 x 3.5 x 1.0 in. with SMA female connectors. It is designed for operating temperatures from -40 to +85C.

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