Modelithics Expands CLR Library

Modeling specialist Modelithics has announced their latest CLR Library release, with an increase of 30 percent in the total number of the company's Global Models. The CLR Library features models of capacitors (C), inductors (L), and resistors (R) for use in high-frequency circuit simulators. The new Version 4.1 expanded library release comprises the first substrate-and-part-value-scalable surface-mount RLC models, many of which include pad geometry scaling, and some with horizontal and vertical orientation selection. With the Version 4.1 release, all of the company's Global Models allow pad effects to be de-embedded with a simple simulation mode setting which is particularly useful for electromagnetic (EM) simulations. New RLC models include parts from Coilcraft, Murata, Barry Industries, Johanson Technologies, and American Technical Ceramics. For more information on Modelithics and their models, visit

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