Mini-Circuits' Mixer Spans 300 To 4000 MHz

Mini-Circuits has unveiled the model ADE-30W+ high-reliability mixer for applications from 300 to 4000 MHz. The mixer features a reliable diode quad housed in a hermetically sealed package. Deisgned for +7-dBm local oscillator (LO) power, the mixer provides a wide intermediate-frequency (IF) bandwidth of DC to 950 MHz and low conversion loss of 7 dB. The LO-to-RF isolation is typically 40 dB across the full frequency range. The rugged mixer is ideal for a variety of commercial and military applications, including in phase detectors, I/Q modulators/demodulators, and in upconverters/downconverters. For more information on the model ADE-30W+ hermetic mixer, visit the Mini-Circuits site at:

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