Mini-Circuits Announces New 2007 Catalog

Mini-Circuits has announced the availability of its new 2007 IF/RF Microwave Signal Processing Components Guide for designers of high-frequency circuits and systems. The comprehensive 144-page reference source provides the industry's most complete listings of high-performance RF and microwave active and passive components with essential performance specifications for each product. Components include adapters, amplifiers, attenuators, bias tees, coaxial cables for test applications, DC blocks, directional couplers, filters, impedance-matching pads, limiters, mixers, muliplexers, phase detectors, phase shifters, power combiners/dividers, power detectors, switches, terminations, transformers, and voltage-controlled oscillators (VCOs). The 2007 Guide also introduces a new product line, frequency synthesizers, for applications from 100 MHz to 4.3 GHz. The new 2007 IF/RF Microwave Signal Processing Components Guide provides a listing of patents cross referenced to the firm's products, a National Stock Number (NSN) Guide, and a detailed article on the company's powerful Internet-based product/specification search engine, YONI 2. For a copy of the catalog, contact Mini-Circuits at (718) 934-4500 or visit the Mini-Circuits website for more details:

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