Microlab/FXR Unleashes 4 x 2 Hybrid

Microlab/FXR, a wholly owned subsidiary of Wireless Telecom Group, Inc., has introduced a broadband 4 x 2 hybrid combiner for wireless applications from 700 to 2700 MHz. It is designed to combine as many as four signals, as from different antennas, with high isolation and minimum interference between signals. The high isolation alleviates the need for additional filters. The hybrid combiner, which is ideal for neutral host distributed antenna systems or indoor wireless repeater systems based on leaky coaxial cables, offers better than 25 dB isolation across the band with passive intermodulation (PIM) of at least -130 dBm. Each input port is rated for 80 W average power and 3 kW peak power. The hybrid combiner is available with Type N or 7/16 EIA type connectors. For more information, visit the Microlab/FXR website at:http://www.microlab.fxr.com/

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